Restaurants & Gyms

Carbone-Pizza-InteriorDollinger Enterprises is a highly successful, rapidly expanding restaurant and services company. We own properties in a variety of different cuisines and have also built and grown several other local businesses. Our focus is in Winnipeg, Canada, though we’re opening new locations very quickly.

Quality, Quality, Quality
At the heart of our business is a commitment to quality. Many businesses give lip service to quality, but few truly incorporate it into their ethos the way we do.Take our “My Gym” facility for example. Our programs utilize state of the art child development methodologies, mixing and matching a variety of different physical activities to help develop social skills, improve cognitive functioning and build self-esteem. Our programs have already earned awards and thrilled reviews from parents, even though we’ve only been open for a short time. We approach every business with a similar attitude. We strive to create the best experience possible for our clients and customers. After all, that’s what really builds a successful business.

Customer Service That Makes Customers Rave
Why do people pay $3-4 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, instead of $.30 cents by making it themselves at home? Is it the quality of the coffee beans? Is it the 30 seconds it takes to make their own coffee drip? No – It’s the customer service.As Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks likes to say, Starbucks is not a coffee company. It’s a customer service company that happens to sell coffee. When they changed their focus from service to growth, the company suffered and nearly crashed. When they closed sub-par stores and re-focused on service, their business grew. At Dollinger Enterprises, we understand the value of great service. We only hire friendly, dependable staff that loves to interact with people. Customers who come into our establishments invariably walk out with a smile on their face.

An In Depth Understanding of Marketing
Of course, customer service and product quality only matter if you can get people to try out your product in the first place. To get as many people to try out our products as possible, we’ve adopted a comprehensive marketing plan. We incorporate “old school” proven marketing tactics, with newer and more modern tools like Twitter and Facebook. We actively manage our Yelp accounts and do everything in our power to bring in more customers and give our investorss a high return on their investment.

In short, we’re a small yet rapidly expanding restaurant and services company, dedicated to quality and customer service, while also keeping an eye on consistently having high year over year growth.