Question: What Does Dollinger Enterprises Do?
We build and invest in fast growing companies with strong leadership. We have three divisions in our company: Our Web Design & Web Marketing Division. Our world class designers can not only help you create dazzling websites, but also help turn those websites into profit generating assets. Our Real Estate Division. Currently we work only in the Bahamas. Our real estate division identifies high growth areas to invest in. We build new properties from scratch, as well as sell and rent real estate.

Question: Why Should I Invest With Dollinger Enterprises?
Dollinger Enterprises has a variety of investment options. Different branches of our company have different investment structures.For example, our restaurant division has a guaranteed 8% return investment opportunity. You also get a small stake in the company. In other words, it’s both a fixed income asset and an equity asset. In our real estate division, we accept investment on a project by project basis. To find out about what investment opportunities we currently have, just give us a call or send us an email.

Question: How Do You Choose What Businesses to Build or Buy?
We look for a few things in the businesses we work with:
Do we have quality staff? Ultimately, the success of the business depends more on the team than anything else.
Location. We look for highly coveted locations for both our real estate properties and our restaurant properties.
An Unmet Need. We look to bring unique properties, products and services to market. Instead of trying to compete with a “me too” company, we look for ways to innovate and bring customers something new.
A Proven Business Model. Though we value originality, we’re also committed to delivering strong returns for our investors. Every business we work with has to have a sound business plan and a proven revenue model.
Core Competencies. We look for businesses that we know how to run. We focus on just three industries, because that’s what we know how to do extremely well.

Question: What Do You Stand For?
At Dollinger Enterprises, we believe that business is win-win. It’s a win for our investors who get a strong return on their capital. It’s a win for our customers who get phenomenal service. It’s a win for the local community that benefits in tax dollars and a friendly establishment. It’s a win for our employees who get a thriving work environment. We strive to always be growing, not just so we can grow our balance sheet, but because we believe the more we grow, the more people we help. We stand for continuing to foster win-win relationships while building a successful company.

Question: What Kinds of Companies Do You Invest In?
We’re a global company with a wide range of interests. We’re interested primarily in fast growth companies. If you have an investment opportunity you think we might be interested in, please do get in touch.