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Are you putting your money to work for you? Most conservative investment vehicles, including stocks and bonds just aren’t performing very well these days.On average, the stock market returned 8.8% per year between 1929 and 2011. However, investing in the stock market is extremely volatile: You can expect anywhere between -8% to +18% on any given year. To get a sustained 8% or higher return, you have to invest in 20 year chunks.

Most investors choose to ride out the volatility by combining stock investing with fixed income assets, most commonly bonds. Yet the returns are so low today that you’re really not making any money after taxes, inflation and management fees. And even the bond market isn’t safe, with the US dollar in flux and the EuroZone flirting with collapse.

An 8% Return, Guaranteed, Plus Equity business-graphics-1428635-m
What if you could get a guaranteed 8% return on your investment, plus equity? That’s what Dollinger Enterprises is offering for select investors.
When you invest in Dollinger Enterprises, we’ll contractually bind ourselves to pay you at least 8% a year. On top of that, you get a stake in our company. That means if our company does well, the value of your shares will give you an additional return as well. Furthermore, should we switch from our aggressive growth strategy to a cashflow generating strategy, you’ll also receive healthy dividend checks from your shares.

What Are the Risks?
Every investment opportunity with above average return involves some degree of risk. The question is: How much risk are you taking on? And does the added return offset the risk?When you invest in Dollinger Enterprises, your risks are minimal because you’re investing in the parent company and not any individual venture. We have a wide variety of enterprises across different industries. That means even if one business gets in trouble, the company as a whole can support and sustain that business. And even if one business faces trouble, you’ll still get paid, because your investment is with the parent company.

We already have 3 properties running successfully, with 5 more properties opening in 2013. We have a proven track record of success, with an all star team that understands the ins and outs of building successful restaurant and retail businesses. As a potential investor, you’re welcome to examine our books and see our success for yourself.

In short, you get an 8% guaranteed return on investment and an equity stake in our parent company at minimal risk to you, as the risk is distributed over many different businesses in different categories. It’s an absolutely killer investment opportunity. Interested in becoming an investor? Contact us at

Franchising Opportunities
Want to run your own business, be your own boss and launch a company using a proven business model? You can – By being a franchisee.